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Dee Caffari - Diary Entry - Jan 2020

Dusseldorf BoatShow 2
It’s been a very busy, constructive and celebratory start to the year for me.
The growth of the double handed mixed offshore class has piqued the interest of many sailors and I am among them. So, I was excited to have the chance to reunite with Henry Bomby and be invited onboard his Jeanneau Sunfast 3300 earlier on this month. It has been a while since I sailed in the Solent in January and Storm Brendon decided to put in an appearance to welcome me back. It was wet, windy and cold, but there was a window of opportunity each day to do some sail testing before we headed back to shore to avoid the rapidly deteriorating weather. We had a great couple of days sailing and it definitely helped to blow away any post-Christmas cobwebs. I loved both the boat and the concept, so hope there will be more of this sailing for me in the coming year.

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Choosing and Fitting a Personal AIS Beacon

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Personal AIS Beacons have become a popular choice with many lifejacket users nowadays.
For most people the idea of having an automatically activating beacon transmit MOB location details is the main attraction.
There are some important considerations to make when considering your lifejacket/beacon combination.

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Pre-Wear Lifejacket Checks

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Performing regular checks on your lifejacket to ensure it is in good working order is paramount to keeping you safe when you spend time at sea. A lifejacket that doesn't work properly is not a lifejacket, and puts you at risk. We've put together this handy PDF of pre-wear lifejacket checks that you can carry out at home. It will help ensure you can depend on your lifejacket if you need to.

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Transporting Your Lifejacket by Aircraft

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We are often asked whether commercial airlines will allow transportation of automatic gas lifejackets. Many of our customers fly to sail and prefer to take their own lifejackets rather than using the provided.

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Andark Pool Day 2019 - Product Awareness and Experience

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Ocean Safety are committed to keeping you safe on the water and living up to our role as ‘The Marine Safety Experts’. Reaching this goal means investing in training for our staff. It ensures that at every level of our company, our team understands how our products work, and puts into context how important they are. It’s a great way to bring the team together, too!

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