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Marine Safety equipment is becoming more and more technical in the way it is used, interacts with you and your crew and also how it helps others help you when you really need it.

Ocean Safety run a range of comprehensive training course which include:

  • Safety awareness courses
  • Yacht club talks
  • Company service courses
  • External service courses
  • Product awareness
  • Service centre training
  • Staff training

So what is a Safety Awareness Course?

Whilst having the required Safety Equipment is vital to fulfil the various regulatory bodies requirements, it is more important that you and your crews know how to use it, how it will benefit you and also how you are able to make the equipment work best for you and your crew on your particular vessel.

Ocean Safety run a number of specifically tailored Safety Awareness Courses which aim to allow owners/crews/families to look at different types of safety equipment and discuss how they will operate within the specific crews and what implications a particular type of vessel might have on how the equipment can be used.

How long does it take and what does it cover?

The courses generally take up to 4 hours during which each group of people will be able to look at their specific kit or kit to a similar specification, this can include your lifejackets, (How many people know where the lifejackets are onboard but have never tried them on let alone felt what it is like to fire a Gas Inflation Lifejacket?), Liferafts, Epirbs etc etc. We can let all your crew get inside either your own Liferaft (this will require a full service once opened) or we can provide a similar specification raft, you can see the limitations of the kit that is inside your raft so you can be more confident in deciding what you might want to put in a Grab Bag.

An important part of the course is the ability to 'discuss' how you might carry out an emergency action onboard and look at the different scenarios that might happen onboard your own vessel - If you are a family sailing together have you ever thought how 'Mum and the Kids' might rescue 'Dad' if he has gone overboard? The way those left onboard will be able to use the equipment might be different.

Additional sessions can be added on to an Awareness Course which can include:-

  • A Pool Session so you can all familiarise yourselves with the use of lifejackets and liferafts in a pool environment, including different swimming techniques, liferaft survival techniques etc. 
  • Medical Discussion - This includes a medical course to discuss what medical kit requirements you might have for a particular voyage through to an in depth look at different 1st Aid techniques that can be used when offshore.

Ocean Safety has an unrivalled amount of experience when looking at the use and specification of different Safety Equipment, we tailor each course to the individuals needs and where necessary are able to bring industry specialists into a course to ensure that individuals needs fulfilled.

What next?

To discuss all your training requirements please contact Steve Bockett at Ocean Safety in Southampton, Email: or complete the form below:

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