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Management and staff at Ocean Safety Ltd are dedicated to the principal of never ending improvements in product quality & customer service excellence.

Our principle aim is to always supply to our customer’s first-class quality, reliable products with unrivalled levels of customer service that conform exactly to stated, agreed specifications, order requirements and any other underpinning relevant statutory or regulatory requirements.

The establishment of our QMS is therefore the foundation to establish a company culture committed to continual improvement.

Our QMS is based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and the company is fully committed to fulfilling these and other pertinent agreed requirements.  The system has been developed to enable full integration of in-house, product, industry best practice and client specific requirements.

Our QMS provides a risk-based approach to thinking, managing opportunities and mitigation of risks, including the elimination of product / service quality defects or other potential quality issues at the earliest stage possible.  This in turn improves the overall efficiency of the organisation and supports with the achievement of the established quality objectives and customer satisfaction.

This policy will be communicated to all employees and as a minimum, when requested, stakeholders and interested parties.

Top management will review this policy and formulate QMS objectives during management reviews to ensure its integrity, effectiveness, compatibility and alignment with the context and strategic direction of the organisation.


Alistair Hackett

Managing Director

August 2018

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