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Flameguard Plus MED Outfit

flameguard plus
Brand: Ocean Safety


Marine Fireman's outfit comprising of a helmet, jacket, trousers, fireman's gloves, non-conductive gloves and fireman's boots.

MED Ship's Wheel approved, the Flameguard Plus has two layers which are complimentary - the Reflecta Outer returning over 90% of the radiant heat and the ThermaZorb inner layer absorbing and dissipating the heat transfer. 

The shape and fit of the suit has been optimised for the ship-borne environment where vertical ladders, restricted access and tight spaces are encountered. the jacket is cut higher at the front to reduce bulk at the waist when climbing or crawling. The lower cut back protects the wearer when reasin, bending down, and crawling in confined spaces. 

Helmet (EN443)

The Fuego helmet is constructed with a glass fibrecharged polyamide shell providing a very high levelof protection against the risks encountered in shipbornefire fighting. The helmet is heat, flame, shockand electrical hazard resistant. An aluminised neckcurtain and lift up visor to EN166 is provided asstandard. Weight 1.8 kgs.

Flameguard Plus Suit (EN469)

The Flameguard Plus Suit is a two-piece garmentwith a two-layer construction. The outer shell usesa fire resistant substrate as a base laminated to analuminised film optimised for the marine salt waterenvironment. The jacket has a stand up collar,overlapping front with touch and close fastening tothe front and collar. The trousers have wideelasticated braces with adjusters and quick-releasebuckles. Weight 4.5 kgs.

Firemanas Gloves Leather (EN659)

Leather gloves with Kevlar insert and cuff. Heatresistant, slash and puncture resistant.Weight 0.5kgs.

Non-Conductive Gloves (EN60903)

Electrically insulating to 500 volts working, tested to2500 volts AC.Weight 0.1 kgs.

Fireman's Boots (EN 20345, EN 15090)

Fire resistant Wellingtons, made in fireproof nitrilerubber with polymer toe cap and composite antiperforationmid-sole. Weight 2.5 kgs.

  • Excellent resistance to heat contact, heat flow, fire.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals : fuels, oils,greases, solvents, weak and diluted acids.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and cuts

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