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Exposure X1 Torch - White & Red LED

Brand: Exposure Lights


X1 features and benefits

  • High output (WHITE output) mode for search, spot and trimming.
  • Medium output mode for endurance, heading ashore on a tender and the majority of activities.
  • Low output mode for confined space or close range operation with long burn times. E.g. tying knots, eating food, reading and maintenance.
  • 1 minute output cut off when pressing and holding the momentary switch it will cut out after 1 minute to eliminate the chance of the light overheating and battery wastage if accidentally pressed in a bag.
  • Red mode for preserving night adapted vision the red mode offers a low level, long-lasting output for the majority of operations.
  • 2 second output build the two second stepped change gives your eyes a chance to adapt to a bright light. This reduces the effect of the light on people's eyes if the momentary switch is accidentally pressed.
  • White S.O.S mode.
  • White strobe mode.
  • Mode indicator is combined with the fuel level indicator for easy fuel management.
  • Rear red LED for preserved night adapted vision.
  • Initial low output preserving night adapted vision.
  • Double button prevents accidental selection of the wrong colour
  • Colour coded locator LED for easy location of the light.
  • Fuel level indicator for better battery management
  • Integrated rechargeable battery, long burn times and fuel indicator eliminate the need for external batteries. 12V charger available as an accessory.
  • IPX8 (2 metres) Rated for reliability in the toughest conditions
  • Bracket compatible for easy attachement to any surface
  • Positive buoyancy

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