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The Sea Marshall AU9 is a fully automatic Maritime Survivor Locating Device (MSLD) that transmits a homing signal on 121.5 MHz for rescuers to track and locate a man overboard. With a 30-year history of saving lives, Mobilarm's Sea Marshall AU9 is the leading MSLD worldwide and the industry standard in the North Sea.

Used worldwide in the commercial marine industry, the Sea Marshall AU9 provides 24/7 monitoring of crew at risk of falling overboard. As part of a self-managed alert and locating system, the auto-activated Sea Marshall AU9 transmits an emergency homing signal on 121.5 MHz that is received and tracked on a dedicated base unit – the Mobilarm SARfinder - to quickly locate and rescue a man overboard. If outside help is needed, Search and Rescue forces can also track the missing person using the 121.5 MHz frequency.

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