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Packing Your Grab Bag

A grab bag is an item that every boat owner should have. It really can make the difference in a survival situation, even if just the 'essentials' are packed.

What is a grab bag?

A grab bag is an easily accessible and transportable bag to aid survival in a liferaft. Items included in your grab bag are entirely optional but should include items ranging from essential Search and Rescue beacons to reading material to fight boredom.

In a best case scenario, you may be rescued after a few hours in the liferaft. Towards the harsher end of the scale, you may be in the liferaft for days waiting to be rescued. The duration is very dependant on the weather conditions and where you are when you abandon your vessel. Unfortunately, even in just a few hours a lot can happen whilst floating in the middle of the ocean in potentially stormy weather or hot conditions. This is why you must have you grab bag prepared for every scenario because you just never know what may happen.

Find out more about the Ocean Safety Grab Bag here

What should you include?

We separate the types of kit into seven categories:
Grab Bag items
We have suggested some items that you may want to include in each of the categories above. 

Search and Rescue

Grab Bag Search and Rescue


Grab Bag Medical

 Food & Water

Grab Bag Food Water


Grab Bag Personal

Survival & Morale

Grab Bag Survival Morale

Maintenance & Protection

Grab Bag Maintenance Protection

Last Minute Grabs

Grab Bag Last Minute Grabs
We all believe that the worst won't happen to us but, if it does and your floating in the middle of the ocean in a liferaft, you will be thankful that you have followed the above advice as you're rummaging through your grab bag for your extra sea sickness tablets whilst your PLB draws the rescue team ever closer.