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Charlie and Jenny Helm Selfie

Charlie's Voyage - Valentines Day in the North Pacific

It's Valentine's Day aboard Dare to Lead and we're celebrating Shrove Tuesday, but what is Charlie giving up for Lent?

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Clipper Race leg 5, week 1

Clipper Race 2017/18 - Charlie's Voyage - Leg 5. Week 1

The first week of leg 5 has included a visit from King Neptune himself, tackling the Doldrums Corridor, and MOB1 training for the Dare to Lead crew.

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Clipper Race - Dare to Lead

Clipper Race 2017/18 - Charlie's Voyage - Sydney to Hobart

In her latest blog, Charlie reflects on the Sydney to Hobart race, New Year's Eve celebrations and some special Christmas cake. 

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Clipper - Dale calls trim for Lou and John

Clipper Race 2017/18 - Charlie's Voyage - Next stop, Australia

Charlie reflects on the third week of leg 3.

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Clipper Race - Charlie Garratt

Clipper Race 2017/18 - Charlie's Voyage - Leg 3, week 2

In this blog, Charlie reflects on a tiring week of sailing upwind, welcoming Greenings crew members and treating her team.

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