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Team Vestas in Auckland

Volvo Ocean Race - Welcome back Team Vestas

The penultimate installment from our General Manager with the Volvo Ocean Race fleet in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Volvo Ocean Race - Team Mapfre

Volvo Ocean Race - Reaching the end of the maintenance period

The Volvo Ocean Race yachts are close to the end of their maintenance period in Auckland and are planned to re-launch on Thursday to allow the teams to prepare for the ‘In-Port’ race over the coming weekend.

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Volvo Ocean Race Servicing

Volvo Ocean Race New Zealand Service and Inspection

As part of our commitment to the Volvo Ocean Race, General Manager Alistair Hackett, and Training Manager Steve Bockett are in Auckland to service and inspect the safety equipment on board.

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The shift from purchasing to renting liferafts

As a leading provider of safety equipment we have started to see a marked shift from liferaft sales to rental contracts.

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Charlie and Jenny Helm Selfie

Charlie's Voyage - Valentines Day in the North Pacific

It's Valentine's Day aboard Dare to Lead and we're celebrating Shrove Tuesday, but what is Charlie giving up for Lent?

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